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Jade Fellows -Smith is a Reiki Master and an Intuitive Artist.

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About the Cards

My first experience of Source Energy – the energy that Reiki healers channel – happened when I was twenty two. I had an amazing healing of an energy field healer called Rebecca Austin. She was a lovely lady and held my hand as I was lead through the gateway of energy healing. After my first healing I had to paint. I painted “My Lady” (see jadescolours.co.uk). The whole experience was a catalyst; changing my life utterly, turning it up on its head.

I went through some experiences that made my trust in the Source become more certain. I experienced too many synchronicities, too many signs, for it to be coincidental.

Through this time I painted. I painted hard and fast. At the time there wasn’t much time for much else.

After living abroad for a while I came back to England. I was called back here. I had an urge and I followed. I had to leave my paintings abroad when I left, although they have now been reunited with me.

I was dropped back into a circle of wonderful people – some very spiritual and calming personalities. Within this group of people there were two people who play a significant part in the creation of these symbols in colour. John and Ellie. They are my Reiki Masters.

I had a Reiki balancing and healing. This was again, an amazing experience. I had the urge again to paint. So I painted till it went dusk, and I continued to paint till it was dark. And then I painted intuitively.

I spoke to the couple about Reiki and learned a lot about the way it worked and the way it could be used in the world.

After seeing my picture that I had painted in the dark, John asked me if I would paint the symbols in colour in exchange for attunments.  It was so exciting.

I went to their home and had my Reiki 1 & 2 done over a long weekend. It was amazing. When I left I couldn’t drive. It was like I had been reset and my coordination was not in sync. It was, in fact, precisely the opposite; I was now in balance.

At the time of my healing, I was homeless.  Afterwards things started to fall in place. I found a home, and a better job. I started painting the symbols in my studio flat. I didn’t have any furniture, or an easel, so I would prop the paintings up on boxes and paint on the floor.

The more I worked with the symbols, the better my life got. It took me a year to finish the main ones. I was now a director of a community interest company that I set up with a partner. I had a comfy home that was full of colour and activity.

I finished the paintings and presented them to my Reiki Masters.

I was then able to have my Reiki Master Attunements to finish the Master symbols.

Since they have all been finished they have been sitting there gathering dust but niggling at me to use them. I always use them in my healings to great effect. And so the cards were born.

These symbols have been passed down the Reiki lineage. At times they have only ever been passed on through repetition and drawing them with your tongue, but now in the computer age, these symbols are available freely over the internet.

I believe these symbols have amazing power. And we should all be able to use that love and light from the Source in our lives.

I would always recommend if you have the opportunity to be attuned. Not so you’re in the club, so to speak, but so you can go through the transition and experience the amazing power of Reiki energy for yourself.

I believe we all have the ability to use Source Energy with intent. And in my experience, Reiki just allows our intent to be accessed through a simple discipline.

If you have never used or received, then do not worry. These cards and the book that contains them may be used as an oracle as well. You can benefit from the guidance of these symbols without being attuned.

If you are drawn to them, use them. 

Let your intuition guide you when using these cards and I hope they help you as much as they have me.

Reiki Blessing, Love and Light and Colour.


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