How to Use the Cards

When using these cards in a healing, use them as a tool to help guide your intuition. When we are guided through the healing, this is just another way for the Source to communicate with you. Pull a card before healing and be guided by the symbol.

Some will resonate with you more than the others. Be drawn to the ones you like and use them in everyday life.

In this card deck there is also a double card with a symbol on. This is the Ankahrana. This symbol energises and likes to be visible. Put it in your space to help balance.

There is one card that I would recommend not using in a healing. That is Raku – the master symbol. Although no harm will be caused by using this, it would be respectful if you did not use it unless you yourself are a Reiki Master. Raku can be used in an Oracle reading or in attunements if you feel drawn to do so.

I would also advise not having all of the symbols  on display together.


Intuition is a powerful gift that we all have. Trust your intuition when working with these cards. As you use the cards more, you will need to use this book less. The more you work with the cards, the more they will speak to you and you will be able to create your own words to describe what the symbols and the cards mean. The symbols or indeed the colours may influence you, but it’s your intuition that will help you interpret their meanings and uses.

As such, the oracle section is simply a guide. Let your intuition guide you to the answers. The cards will prompt you and help you on your journey of self-discovery.

Story of the Cards

I had a Reiki balancing and healing. This was again, an amazing experience. I had the urge again to paint. So I painted till it went dusk, and I continued to paint till it was dark. And then I painted intuitively.

I spoke to the couple about Reiki and learned a lot about the way it worked and the way it could be used in the world.

After seeing my picture that I had painted in the dark, John asked me if I would paint the symbols in colour in exchange for attunments.  It was so exciting.

I went to their home and had my Reiki 1 & 2 done over a long weekend. It was amazing. When I left I couldn’t drive. It was like I had been reset and my coordination was not in sync. It was, in fact, precisely the opposite; I was now in balance.

The more I worked with the symbols, the better my life got. It took me a year to finish the main ones. I was now a director of a community interest company. I had a comfy home that was full of colour and activity.

I finished the paintings and presented them to my Reiki Masters.

I was then able to have my Reiki Master Attunements to finish the master symbols.