Story of the Cards

I had a Reiki balancing and healing. This was again, an amazing experience. I had the urge again to paint. So I painted till it went dusk, and I continued to paint till it was dark. And then I painted intuitively.

I spoke to the couple about Reiki and learned a lot about the way it worked and the way it could be used in the world.

After seeing my picture that I had painted in the dark, John asked me if I would paint the symbols in colour in exchange for attunments.  It was so exciting.

I went to their home and had my Reiki 1 & 2 done over a long weekend. It was amazing. When I left I couldn’t drive. It was like I had been reset and my coordination was not in sync. It was, in fact, precisely the opposite; I was now in balance.

The more I worked with the symbols, the better my life got. It took me a year to finish the main ones. I was now a director of a community interest company. I had a comfy home that was full of colour and activity.

I finished the paintings and presented them to my Reiki Masters.

I was then able to have my Reiki Master Attunements to finish the master symbols.

Published by Jade

Well..... I am who I am. My life is full paintbrushes, magic moments and fairies. It makes for intresting times.....

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