Cho Ku Rei

The Switch

How to Use the Cards

When using these cards in a healing, use them as a tool to help guide your intuition. When we are guided through the healing, this is just another way for the Source to communicate with you. Pull a card before healing and be guided by the symbol. Some will resonate with you more than the…


Intuition is a powerful gift that we all have. Trust your intuition when working with these cards. As you use the cards more, you will need to use this book less. The more you work with the cards, the more they will speak to you and you will be able to create your own words…

Story of the Cards

I had a Reiki balancing and healing. This was again, an amazing experience. I had the urge again to paint. So I painted till it went dusk, and I continued to paint till it was dark. And then I painted intuitively. I spoke to the couple about Reiki and learned a lot about the way…

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